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There is a small window of approximately 4-5 years for the change to take effect. If in fact change ever takes place.

If one is still labyrinthine at age 25-26 with the same epitome of age 20-21, Well chances are highly probable that one will be in the same box, stuck at age 35-40. Allow me to give you an example: Hey! yeah, you’re having fun, you’re 21 yrs. old and you are drinking and smoking pot, Running around with 2-3 females, whoo what a life. If you do not commence the transformation at age 25-26, then watch yourself at age 35-40. You will be in the same rut(and I am not referring to bucks nor deers), It’s like being in bumper to bumper traffic, which only last for an hour or two. However, this rut that you are stuck in will last your entire life time. Do you have any idea of how silly and stupid you present yourself while being in an altered state via marijuana or alcohol at age 35-40, especially if you have children up in your face, and you don’t think it is taking away from the life span of your parents-that is if you hadn’t killed them yet. Be a MAN-MAN UP- GROW UP. Stop being a clown. This goes out to the females that are in this rut, BE A WOMAN, snap out of it. You are all more than what you were when you where 21. But hey, I don’t give a big “DOUGH HAM” if you don’t change, everyone will know you as the: POT HEAD-CRACK HEAD-METH HEAD..ect.. So do your self a solid and stop steeling from your children, parents, siblings, and friends-IF YOU HAVE ANY LEFT!!!    woopty-doo…. HAVE FUN..U…IDIOT CLOWN!!

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Growing up, I often heard the word “GHETTO”. What came to mind: A run down, dilapidated Home or apartment building unfit to live in, or a neighborhood flooded so much in filth that it could be considered condemned. NEXT, In the mid/late 70’s, I heard a song entitled GHETTO life, performed by singer/song writer “Rick James”. Later on down, I began to hear catch phrases and some not so nice, such as: GHETTO fabulous, GHETTO booty, GHETTO b@#ch, and every thing that was cool, beautiful and smooth was GHETTO this or GHETTO that.

LISTEN, LOOK, AND READ…I dislike to splash you with some reality ink on your brand new fancy parade…..

There are none, nor where there any GHETTO’s in the United States of America, NEVER!!! The word GHETTO is not even an American/English word.  OK, Wait a sec… Yes there are areas in this country in which I would not allow a rat to live in, and every state has a few undesirable places unfit to live in and that’s because the state government over look and do not care about the people, However, The Americans whom reside in such places are not forced under armed (gestapo/nazi) guard to live there, No walls to hold you in, No barbed wire fences, No guard towers with sharp shooters, No trained dogs to rip you apart if you so happen to step across the line, and No forced labour.

September 1st 1939, nazi German troops invaded Poland. The Krakow GHETTO was established March 3rd 1941. Between 10,000 and 15,000 Jews were forced to live in an area which could only be occupied by 3,000 people. Four to five families were crammed into an apartment, often they were strangers to each other, and the less fortunate live outside in the streets. 10,000 with in a 16 block radius. With walls, With barbed wire fences, With sharp shooters up in the towers, With trained dogs at the ready to rip apart the flesh and bones of the helpless.

So, the next time you hear some one use that word, Just tell’em: “Get Real”

In 1993, The true story of Oskar Schindler was made into a block buster hit movie, Entitled: “Schindler’s List”. DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR-RENT IT!!!  and enough with GHETTO this and GHETTO that, at the bare minimum- RESPECT YOURSELF….

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I truly apologize for my depiction of GAY in the “GANG” article. I have absolutely nothing against the LGBT community. If I offended any one, I am sorry. My aim is to peel through the facade of these individuals portraying to be rough, tough, and hey “they’ll kill you if you look at them hard”. When in all actuality they should all just come out of the closet and be true to them selves. Lets face it, these” GANG” animals at some point must get some sleep, they have dreams and nightmares, They have offsprings, some have wives, brothers, sisters, and even mothers and fathers. They were not hatched? Am I placing myself at their level by referring to them as animals? Are they uneducated? These animals can be found in our United States Military Fighting and dying in Afghanistan/Iraq war. I know you don’t find that hard to believe, do you?  H! Yes, these animals may even be in your own home, living under your roof as part of your house hold.

Again to the LGBT community I APOLOGIZE…….

And although my APOLOGY is sincere, I still take heed to GODs warning…



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Yes I had my set on CNN, Viewing a Soledad O’Brien special..”Latino In America”

Not every one whom speaks the language of spanish is MEXICAN. Any one whom feels this way or has this particular way of thinking, I will say that you are an IDIOT! Simple and plain. Are you not paying attention? How many times does it have to be repeated or is it that you are so racist to the bone that this is the only way you are able to comprehend. Well your comprehension is (sans) very minimal.

An Irish man is from England, A Scotsman is from England, A German is from England, A Frenchman is from England, A Polish man is from England, The Canadian is from England, The Iceland and Greenlandman are from England, The Australian Man is from England. The people of Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Rome, The Vatican, and Russia are all from ENGLAND.  Now do you comprehend where I am going with this and where I came from.

Only  MEXICANS are from MEXICO

 Columbia South America-Columbians. are not MEXICANS

Guatemala-Guatematecans. are not MEXICANS

El Salvador-Salvadorians. are not MEXICANS

Hounduras-Hondurians. are not MEXICANS

Panama-Panamanians. are not MEXICANS

Cuba-Cubans. are not MEXICANS

Dominican Republic-Dominicans. are not MEXICANS

Puerto Rico- Puerto Ricans. are not MEXICANS

And every other Spanish speaking, Spanish looking whom are not from Mexico, are not MEXICANS!!!!!!!So let us all co-exist with one another with out this perpetual misunderstanding, So stop being an IDIOT,  Because it truly makes you look and sound sadly uneducated and impoverished.

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There were gangs before the discovery of fire. It was called CLANS. The definition of CLAN: 1.Group of families related through a common ancestor or marriage. 2. Large family, a group of people who are all members of a particular family(informal)  {3. SKIP 3}  4.Group with shared aim, whom act together because they have the same interests or aims.

Now let me take you to the definition of GANG(s): 1.Group of troublemaking young people whom spend time together for social reasons and may engage in delinquent behavior. 2. Group of criminals whom work together for some criminal or antisocial purpose. 3. people whom enjoy each others company with a similar interests who like to spend time together. 4. Group of workers, working together, especially a group of laborers.

FACT: In the word of GOD, it is totally and completely wrong to be gay. In my opinion, individuals that are in or participate with gangs are gay because they are people whom enjoy each others company, they are always together. If you are a male, why would you want to hang out with a bunch of other males? For affection? for acceptance? For a sense of belonging and to be loved. Come on! I could see if you hung out with two or three of your closest friends, but a bunch? Some thing isn’t right. Hey! if you’re gay, then you’re gay. Just know this, when I see you all dressed the same(colors,red,blue,green, or whatever) it looks funny. Not funny ha.ha.,funny queer.


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Micheal Vick

Hey yeah I know I was abit upset, Philly is my team, but after our second win..well you know…What he did was unspeakable and I felt he should have been tied up in a back yard some where, better yet chained up and forgotten about until feeding time once a day..

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About the young man/student whom was killed in chicago. It was senseless as it was evil. Not only did we ourselves(black folks) commit this awful crime, We as human beings are the blame for this shameful act. Black on black violence as been occurring way before slavery, during slavery, and after slavery-WHY? I alone  do not have the answer. All of us together can solve this evil riddle…