Posted by: Palmetto DC | October 25, 2009


Yes I had my set on CNN, Viewing a Soledad O’Brien special..”Latino In America”

Not every one whom speaks the language of spanish is MEXICAN. Any one whom feels this way or has this particular way of thinking, I will say that you are an IDIOT! Simple and plain. Are you not paying attention? How many times does it have to be repeated or is it that you are so racist to the bone that this is the only way you are able to comprehend. Well your comprehension is (sans) very minimal.

An Irish man is from England, A Scotsman is from England, A German is from England, A Frenchman is from England, A Polish man is from England, The Canadian is from England, The Iceland and Greenlandman are from England, The Australian Man is from England. The people of Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Rome, The Vatican, and Russia are all from ENGLAND.  Now do you comprehend where I am going with this and where I came from.

Only  MEXICANS are from MEXICO

 Columbia South America-Columbians. are not MEXICANS

Guatemala-Guatematecans. are not MEXICANS

El Salvador-Salvadorians. are not MEXICANS

Hounduras-Hondurians. are not MEXICANS

Panama-Panamanians. are not MEXICANS

Cuba-Cubans. are not MEXICANS

Dominican Republic-Dominicans. are not MEXICANS

Puerto Rico- Puerto Ricans. are not MEXICANS

And every other Spanish speaking, Spanish looking whom are not from Mexico, are not MEXICANS!!!!!!!So let us all co-exist with one another with out this perpetual misunderstanding, So stop being an IDIOT,  Because it truly makes you look and sound sadly uneducated and impoverished.


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