Posted by: Palmetto DC | October 31, 2009


I truly apologize for my depiction of GAY in the “GANG” article. I have absolutely nothing against the LGBT community. If I offended any one, I am sorry. My aim is to peel through the facade of these individuals portraying to be rough, tough, and hey “they’ll kill you if you look at them hard”. When in all actuality they should all just come out of the closet and be true to them selves. Lets face it, these” GANG” animals at some point must get some sleep, they have dreams and nightmares, They have offsprings, some have wives, brothers, sisters, and even mothers and fathers. They were not hatched? Am I placing myself at their level by referring to them as animals? Are they uneducated? These animals can be found in our United States Military Fighting and dying in Afghanistan/Iraq war. I know you don’t find that hard to believe, do you?  H! Yes, these animals may even be in your own home, living under your roof as part of your house hold.

Again to the LGBT community I APOLOGIZE…….

And although my APOLOGY is sincere, I still take heed to GODs warning…




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