Posted by: Palmetto DC | November 7, 2009


Growing up, I often heard the word “GHETTO”. What came to mind: A run down, dilapidated Home or apartment building unfit to live in, or a neighborhood flooded so much in filth that it could be considered condemned. NEXT, In the mid/late 70’s, I heard a song entitled GHETTO life, performed by singer/song writer “Rick James”. Later on down, I began to hear catch phrases and some not so nice, such as: GHETTO fabulous, GHETTO booty, GHETTO b@#ch, and every thing that was cool, beautiful and smooth was GHETTO this or GHETTO that.

LISTEN, LOOK, AND READ…I dislike to splash you with some reality ink on your brand new fancy parade…..

There are none, nor where there any GHETTO’s in the United States of America, NEVER!!! The word GHETTO is not even an American/English word.  OK, Wait a sec… Yes there are areas in this country in which I would not allow a rat to live in, and every state has a few undesirable places unfit to live in and that’s because the state government over look and do not care about the people, However, The Americans whom reside in such places are not forced under armed (gestapo/nazi) guard to live there, No walls to hold you in, No barbed wire fences, No guard towers with sharp shooters, No trained dogs to rip you apart if you so happen to step across the line, and No forced labour.

September 1st 1939, nazi German troops invaded Poland. The Krakow GHETTO was established March 3rd 1941. Between 10,000 and 15,000 Jews were forced to live in an area which could only be occupied by 3,000 people. Four to five families were crammed into an apartment, often they were strangers to each other, and the less fortunate live outside in the streets. 10,000 with in a 16 block radius. With walls, With barbed wire fences, With sharp shooters up in the towers, With trained dogs at the ready to rip apart the flesh and bones of the helpless.

So, the next time you hear some one use that word, Just tell’em: “Get Real”

In 1993, The true story of Oskar Schindler was made into a block buster hit movie, Entitled: “Schindler’s List”. DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR-RENT IT!!!  and enough with GHETTO this and GHETTO that, at the bare minimum- RESPECT YOURSELF….


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