Posted by: Palmetto DC | March 6, 2010


There is a small window of approximately 4-5 years for the change to take effect. If in fact change ever takes place.

If one is still labyrinthine at age 25-26 with the same epitome of age 20-21, Well chances are highly probable that one will be in the same box, stuck at age 35-40. Allow me to give you an example: Hey! yeah, you’re having fun, you’re 21 yrs. old and you are drinking and smoking pot, Running around with 2-3 females, whoo what a life. If you do not commence the transformation at age 25-26, then watch yourself at age 35-40. You will be in the same rut(and I am not referring to bucks nor deers), It’s like being in bumper to bumper traffic, which only last for an hour or two. However, this rut that you are stuck in will last your entire life time. Do you have any idea of how silly and stupid you present yourself while being in an altered state via marijuana or alcohol at age 35-40, especially if you have children up in your face, and you don’t think it is taking away from the life span of your parents-that is if you hadn’t killed them yet. Be a MAN-MAN UP- GROW UP. Stop being a clown. This goes out to the females that are in this rut, BE A WOMAN, snap out of it. You are all more than what you were when you where 21. But hey, I don’t give a big “DOUGH HAM” if you don’t change, everyone will know you as the: POT HEAD-CRACK HEAD-METH HEAD..ect.. So do your self a solid and stop steeling from your children, parents, siblings, and friends-IF YOU HAVE ANY LEFT!!!    woopty-doo…. HAVE FUN..U…IDIOT CLOWN!!


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