About ME

WE (ALL) MUST CHANGE. I ACCEPTED A CHANGE IN MY LIFE. MORE COMPASSION, EXTRA KINDNESS, AND UNDERSTANDING. EDUCATION IS WORTHLESS UNLESS IT IS USED TO ADVANCE AND ASSIST FELLOW MAN. I am originally from the state of  New Jersey, somewhere between Atlantic City and Philadelphia,Pa. My name is D***** C*****. There are too many in my family with the same name, so I am D***** C***** of  South Carolina. I came to South Carolina in April of 1990. For the past 21 years, life has been awesome, so much in fact that it leaves me speechless every time I reflect.  I made it, I am alive. I escaped, fled, absconded, ran away from the corruption, not wanting to become a victim of venomous fate. NEW JERSEY- I do not trust you! You are an enormous dungeon, I filled you with sand and I clawed my way out. Above all else: I give thanks to my personal Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, without him we are all lost.


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